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How the Seven Sins of Email Hurt Your Business

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business email:
Ping pong -- constant emails back and forth creating long chainsEmailing out of hoursEmailing while in companyIgnoring emails completelyRequesting read receiptsResponding immediately to an email alertAutomated replies According to research just released, employees obsessed with checking their emails could be damaging their own mental health and that of their colleagues.  How?

Dr Emma Russell, a senior lecturer in occupational psychology at Kingston Business School, believes she has identified the seven deadly email sins that can lead to 'negative repercussions' if not handled correctly.  She identified seven habits which can be positive if used in moderation but are likely to have a negative impact if not handled correctly.

"This research reminds us that even though we think we are using strategies for dealing with our email at work, many of them can be detrimental to other goals and the people that we work with."
Some create a…