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Making a Living as a Full Life-cycle Residential Designer

According to statistics released by the IRS, 72% of all the businesses in the U.S. are self-employed entrepreneurs running full or part time businesses.  The types of businesses run from buskers and shoe shine stand operators to writers and authors, attorneys, and other professionals, including architects and designers.

Meet Dana Henrickson, a self-employed residential designer who started his business, DMH Design, LL.C., in Seattle, Washington in 2002.  Dana focuses on the niche need for accessibility in new and existing homes, for either older home owners who wish to stay in a home and neighborhood they know rather than moving to an assisted living center away from their home, family and a lifetime of roots.  With our country’s rapidly aging population, Dana’s skills and experience put him in an exciting niche.  The other need is for retrofitted homes for returning Veterans with disabilities as well as anyone needing accessibility.
As the youngest of seven children in a very close fam…