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Even Fact Will Change a Bad First Impression

For so many small business people and self-employed entrepreneurs, their business is part of their self-expression.  So, they will dress in a way that fits their own mental picture of who they feel they are - without considering the first impression they give a prospective client or customer.
In sales, it's standard practice for the salesperson to enter a room, greet the person they are meeting with, then to look away from the prospect and at their briefcase or other material for the count of ten before looking back at the prospect to start the meeting.
Why?  Because most sales or client relationships are created in the first ten seconds based on the prospect's first impression of the salesperson.  Everything the salesperson says or proves from this point is pure window dressing.

This is why it is so very important for you to project an image that fits in with your prospect's idea of what a professional in your field should look like.  If you don't fit that person's e…