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How to increase ad response up to 15% through facial selection

Having worked in advertising and direct response for most of my career, I am very aware of how difficult it is to create an effective promotional piece.  It's about one half science and one half trial and error.

So when a new science based technique is introduced that offers to increase response by a whopping 15%, professionals in the field sit up and take notice.  To put this in perspective, through dint of effort we were able to increase response by one or two percent, that was a major accomplishment.  Five percent and our clients thought we could walk on water.  Fifteen percent? Almost unheard of since the day N.W. Ayers invented the ad agency just after the Civil War.

So what is this technique?  It's facial selection, not through trial and error, but through facial recognition software as used by law enforcement and security organizations.

Here's the story:

Merely changing the face of a model in an ad increases the number of potential purchasers by as much as 15 percent (8…