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About Starting a Business Selling Existing Products and Services

Starting a business selling currently available products and services, or an Unstructured opportunity, is a very attractive option to many people, and is probably the most frequent alternative entrepreneurs try.

People who do well in an Unstructured Opportunity tend to fit a profile best described as a Natural Entrepreneur.  These are people who are hard working, educated with a commitment to life-long learning, are well organized, and work well with others.  They tend to be most comfortable in free-wheeling situations where they make their own decisions and create their own road map to success.(To better understand whether a structured or unstructured opportunity is best for you, take my quiz, What Form of Business is Best for You.

The risk of going it alone is greater than working with a franchise or direct sales business, but it also means that you, the owner, create your own business, make your own decisions and feel that the business is truly of your own creation. 

The fact is that…