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How Your Smartphone Can Sabotoge Your Business

You're an entrepreneur in an important meeting that could mean a big contract or create a connection important to your success.

And your smartphone beeps, rings, or vibrates.

Do you answer it?

A new study published today in the journal Business Communication Quarterly, co-authored by Peter W. Cardon of the USC Marshall School of Business and colleagues at Howard University, is the first to provide an empirical baseline for how attitudes towards mobile phone use actually break down across gender, age, and region.

With a national sample of more than 550 full-time working professionals, the study reveals what business professionals perceive as acceptable, courteous or rude use of mobile phones in the workplace.
Among their findings: Three out of four people -- 76 percent -- said checking texts or emails was unacceptable behavior in business meetings.87 percent of people said answering a call was rarely or never acceptable in business meetings.Even at more informal business lunches, the ma…