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Exporting Your Problems: Outsourcing

Last week I met with a friend I used to work with for coffee.  We got into a discussion of a very expensive loss my ex-employer suffered.  It seems some pricing data was incorrectly computed and entered into the company's booking system leading to badly under priced products being advertised.  Customers purchased the trips and the company had to honor the prices.  It cost the company well into five digits in cash to cover the error.

I know the manager who made this error.  She was and is a top-flight professional, one of the best in the industry at coming up with innovative travel options that generally sell quite well being required to perform basic data entry tasks in addition to her core job.  She made a mistake in accuracy in data entry and basic arithmetic in her rush to complete the task on a short deadline.

The end result was that the employee resigned, so not only did the business owner lose thousands of dollars, the business lost an employee nearly impossible to replace.…