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How to Find Rude Salespeople

Want a customer service employee who will drive you completely stark-raving nuts with their rude behavior? Go with the candidate with the best credit score.
Really. That is the conclusion of Jeremy Bernerth; LSU Assistant Professor in the E. J. Ourso College of Business Daniel Whitman; Shannon Taylor of Northern Illinois University; and H. Jack Walker of Texas Tech University in a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.
You want a jerk of a customer service rep who will drive away customers?Hire the guy or gal with a great credit score.   Want an effective, warm communicator whom your customers will love?  You got it.  The one with the so-so credit score.
Here’s what led the researchers to this conclusion:"With regards to personality and credit -- it makes sense that conscientiousness is related to good credit, but what was really interesting was that agreeableness was negatively related to your credit score," said Jeremy Bernerth."That suggests easy-going in…