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Captions Improve Viewer Comprehension

A problem for all small business owners is getting their message out to current and prospective customers.  It is expensive, especially against larger competitors with bigger budgets.

This means that any small marketer has to look for every and any advantage they can find.

Such as adding or turning on captions in your video promotions, whether television ads, on-line or in-store videos.


New research shows that adding captions improves comprehension, not just a little, but dramatically.  And isn't that what you want your video communications to do?  Capture a prospect's attention and impart a message that the prospect remembers?

According to Robert Keith Collins, an assistant professor at SF State college, discovered that captions add to student comprehension and ability to remember during a two-year tracking study of the effect of adding captions to educational videos. 
"Not only were students talking about how much having the captions helped them as they took notes, thei…