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About Direct Sales ~ The Poor Man's Franchise

Direct Sales, also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing, are a very popular alternative for many prospective entrepreneurs looking for a full or part time business.  A Direct Sales business is a Structured Opportunity, called by some the poor-man's franchise.

People who do well in a structured opportunity tend to fit a profile best described as a Natural Franchisee.  These are people who are hard working, are educated with a commitment to life-long learning, are well organized, and work well with others.  They tend to be most comfortable taking direction from others and working in situations where tasks are laid out step by step.  (To better understand whether a structured or unstructured opportunity is best for you, take my quiz, What Form of Business is Best for You.

How Direct Sales Businesses Work 
In a Direct Sales, MLM, or network marketing system you have two ways to earn money ~ selling products and services, and recruiting others to sell the product or ser…