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About Distributorships: Selling Other People's Products Through Your Own Business

Distributorships are Unstructured Opportunities, and are as old as commerce itself.  People who independently "rep" other people's products and services for a commission have been around since the first bead makers and flint knappers traded their goods for a share of the hunt.  Undoubtedly, some enterprising hunter gatherer thought, "this is good stuff.  I can swap some of these for a profit with the people in that next tribe over."  And the distributorship was born, which is why some of the independent reps I know say they're in the second oldest profession, after you know what.

The business is working as an independent sales representative for a one or more firms in an industry, and includes import-export business.  This opportunity requires a mastery of sales technique and a good knowledge of the specific industry into which you are entering.  

People who do well in an Unstructured Opportunity tend to fit a profile best described as a Natural Entrepreneur.…