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About the Anti-Social Tendencies of Entrepreneurs

Are entrepreneurs a self-serving species with their own moral ideas and ethical principles?
Media reports about alleged anti-social and delinquent behavior of entrepreneurs are no rarity.
Such reports direct the attention towards possibly ’hidden’ anti-social tendencies in entrepreneurial types. Is it true then, that entrepreneurs are all interested in his own benefit and profit and so abandons ethical and social principles? And if so: what makes him so?

Researchers from the University of Stockholm  and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) tried to answer these questions, and came to some surprising conclusions.

Data from 1000 Children over 40 Years
The psychologists used a Swedish study, ‘Individual Development and Adaptation‘ which followed 1,000 students living in a medium sized Swedish town over a 40-year time period comparing their later entrepreneurial activity with their social behavior earlier in life.

The scientists analyzed extensive data regarding rule-breaking behavior…