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Will Social or Physical Changes (or both) Improve Your Workplace?

The question for many employers large and small is whether making social changes or physical changes lead to better productivity or lower absenteeism.  Or would a combination of changes have the best outcome?  According to this research, an employer is better served by either making social changes or physical changes - but not the two together.

Here's the report:

Changes targeting the social or physical workplace environment have some positive effects on work-related outcomes —- but at least so far, evidence doesn't support a combination of the two approaches, a new report concludes. 

Social changes such as  group motivational interviews led to improved work task performance, while the physical change such as establishing specific areas for quiet work, meetings, and recreation was associated with employees being more fully concentrated and immersed in work tasks.Researchers evaluated the effects of changes to the social and physical work environment at a financial services compan…