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Earning a Living with Your Music II

Amanda Plays a Mean Blues Harp
When Amanda Grzadzielewski was four years old, her parents purchased her a piano and paid for piano lessons. Three years later she was with her parents visiting Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market when she heard two musicians playing and talking with a crowd of listeners that surrounded them.Her reaction was to say to herself, “I want to do that.”

Fast forward to 2012, and Amanda and parents have moved permanently to Poulsbo near Seattle and the University of Washington where her father studied mathematics.True to her dream, she’s busking for passersby at Pike Street Market to earn an income, to find performance opportunities and to find students in her three instruments of choice, piano, guitar (since age 14) and harp (the past three years). Arriving in Poulsbo just this past June, she went to work introducing herself to business owners and civic associations, printing up a business card then dropping by various related businesses such as art studios and caf…