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Meet West Seattle’s “Psychic Barber”

I passed this business some months ago, then found this story on the West Seattle Washington blog.  It is reprinted here due to the interest of so many people - lots of hits ~Meet West Seattle’s “Psychic Barber”:He KNOWS you need a cut
Rick Cook, owner of Rick’s Barber Shop at 5251 California SW (in West Seattle, Washington), has inherited both a sign and a claim to fame: “Psychic Barber.”
     You’ve probably laughed, driving along California SW, when out of the corner of your eye you caught a glimpse of two white neon signs next to each other: “Psychic” “Barber.” That reaction was partly by design; after a psychic moved in next door to Rick’s Barber Shop, Rick had a matching white neon “Barber” sign made by the same person who created the “Psychic” sign.
     Now, Rick owns the “Psychic” portion of the signage as well, and his front window proudly announces “Psychic Barber.”  The Psychic Barber attention came after Rick had already been in his current space for 15 years.
     When the s…