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High Heels: How Consumer's Sense of Balance Influences Their Purchases.

"Influential cognitive processes are at play as people stumble through life."
This, my friends, is a geek-speak pun inside a conclusion from a serious study of how the shoes consumers wear while shopping effect their buying behavior.  There conclusion?

"When shopping for a big ticket item, such as a television, there is a checklist of things you should always do:
Read reviews.Compare prices.Wear high heels."Other ways to curb your urge to spend?
Ride up and down the escalator,play a few games using the Wii Fit, or go shopping immediately following your yoga class. Here's the gist of the report ~

A new BYU study finds that consumers experiencing a heightened sense of balance (i.e. wearing high heels) are more likely to weigh the options and go with a product that falls in the middle of the high-end, low-end scale.

"If you're someone who tends to overspend, or you're kind of an extreme person, then maybe you ought to consider shopping in high heels,"…