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Business should embrace 'boomerang employees'

What should you do when an employee leaves. . . and later asks to return?

It may be an emotional instinct to react by rejecting their request to return.

But why?  If you take it as a personal rejection when an employee leaves, you may be cutting off your own nose to spite your own face.

As these studies from the University of Illinois point out employees leaving then asking to return may just be offering you a big compliment to the way you do things.  Perhaps they thought they'd be better off elsewhere only to find they were well off where they started.  Not a bad message for other employees to hear if nothing else.

Boomerang Employees
Organizations of all types are beginning to recognize and embrace the value of recruiting and welcoming back former or boomerang employees. From infantry soldiers to chief executives, accountants and professional basketball players, many organizations proactively recruit and rehire former employees as a way to offset high turnover costs the cost an…