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Red + Gift = Higher Waitress Tips

Do you or your employees depend at least in part on tip income?

As a prospective or current small business owner you should know about the “Rule of Reciprocity,” and the effect of waitresses wearing the color red.  Both work seperately to increase the amount of a tip that customers leave.

First, the Rule of Reciprocity:  What is this rule?Well, it works like this:if someone gives you something, you feel obligated to give something in return, right?Research by sociologists find this rule operating in every society on Earth. "If someone gives something to us, we feel obligated to repay that debt. This rule operates not only with people you know, but also with strangers.”
- Steve Martin, co-author of “Yes!: 50 secrets from the science of persuasion”

Yes!: 50 Secrets From the Science of Persuasion
by Professor Robert B. Cialdini Here’s how reciprocity works for a business.Behavioral scientist David Strohmetz found that including a couple of free mints with diners’ bills increased tips - e…