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In Trouble as a Teenager? Most Entrepreneurs Were.

The headline of the story read: "Successful Entrepreneurs Share a Common History of Getting in Trouble as Teenagers".

A new study by Professor Ross Levine of the Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group and Yona Rubinstein of the London School of Economics and Political Science found that entrepreneurs earn on average 50 percent more than their salaried counterparts who are working in the same industry and have the same education.

In this study, an entrepreneur is defined as a person who undertakes a novel, risk-taking activity. Levine says think Michael Bloomberg or Bill Gates.

Levine and Rubinstein found that successful entrepreneurs possess distinct traits identifiable back when they were teenagers. These traits turn out to be accurate predictors of entrepreneurial success. Some of the traits include ~
A high IQ, A stable family, Parents who earn a higher than average income, andExceptionally high self-esteem and confidence. However, some other common traits are often associat…