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Exercise, Sleep Are Key to Not Bringing Home Work Frustrations

A self-employed consultant I worked with some years ago once told me: "Being self-employed, I work 12 hours a day, and worry the other 12."

This is the lot of both self-employed professionals and small businesses owners.  You awake each morning only to stare your boss straight in the eye as you shave or put on makeup.  You're it.  You're the one with the weight of your business squarely on your back.

The question becomes, how do you manage yourself so you don't burn yourself out?  Even if you absolutely love what you're doing, the never ending grind of running your enterprise can and will take a toll on your home life and your health.  Unless you learn to manage yourself.

This paper from the University of Central Florida points out two simple ways of not taking home your work stress.

Walking daily.Getting adequate sleep.
Additional benefits based on other vetted research clearly shows that daily walks and adequate sleep are also key to keeping your creativity…