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Too Much Structured Knowledge Hurts Your Creativity

As has been pointed out  many times, too much knowledge is a bad thing.
Research by John-Erik Mathisen & Jan Ketil Arnulf of the BI Norwegian Business School from among other studies shows that graduates with a Masters in Business Administration demonstrate LESS creativity than non-MBA graduates.
The reason is simple: our educational system focuses on training students in logically linear thought processes, while creativity and innovation involves lateral thinking, seeing connections between seemingly unconnected ideas.
For example, before Einstein linked them, physicists from the time of Newton saw little if no relationship between energy, E, and mass, M.  In his 1905 paper on optics Einstein showed the specific relationship in his equation E=MC2, the relationship being the speed of light squared.  Big idea, perhaps the biggest of the twentieth century.
Had Einstein relied on his knowledge of existing science, he would have missed the relationship.  He literally thought out…