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Money Can't Buy You Happiness; Gratitude Can

Looking for happiness in all the wrong places?

Everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness – yet some men and women invest a lifetime of effort trying to buy their way into a satisfying life despite research and experience clearly showing that people who are materialistic are less satisfied with their standards of living, their relationships and their lives as a whole.

You might ask why pursue a goal that won't make you happy in either the short or the long term? 

With that being the case, James A. Roberts of Baylor University and two colleagues set out to explore the relationship between materialism -- making acquisition of material possessions a central focus of one's life -- and life satisfaction. They wondered if anything could make materialistic people more satisfied with their lot.

Grateful individuals are more satisfied with their lives
They chose to test how gratitude, a positive emotion experiences when someone feels another has intentionally given him or her a va…