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Attention Women: Don't choose a man as a business partner

If you're a woman thinking of starting a business with a male partner, think twice about it.  Why?

Research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill documents that the man will take over, forcing you, the woman, into a secondary role.  This despite the research that woman-run businesses are more likely to succeed and/or be more profitable.  This applies whether it's a start-up or on the Board of the largest corporation.

There are a number of reasons why women make better entrepreneurs and women-owned and managed are more successful.  According to research it seems to be because women are better at building teams, better at communication, better at considering outside factors such as civic responsibility.  

Here's the research report:

Women entrepreneurs have limited  chances to lead their new businesses Women who start new businesses with men have limited opportunities to move into leadership roles, according to sociologists. The research also found that when women c…