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Business Survival 101: Put a Woman in Charge

According to a new study by researchers at Cornell University, the key to long-term survival for many businesses is having a woman in charge.  (Emphasis mine.)

This it is not exactly Earth-shattering news.  Not only is having a woman run a business known to increase its chances of success, it's also been shown that having women on the board of directors of a major corporation increases the company's success and profitability.  This also applies to having women in management positions within a larger company.  Research published within the last year demonstrates that those divisions of a company tend to be more successful and more profitable.  

This is not political correctness.  These conclusions are based on scientific fact.  And as many have said, scientific fact is true whether you believe it or not.

Yet, despite their demonstrated superiority as managers,  women are paid less than men for yielding more profit and longer success to a company.  

Go figure.

Here's a prĂ©cis of …