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Creating Homeyness in Your Business Results in Loyal Customers

Of all the fancy often expensive sales training and merchandising entrepreneurs employ, research clearly shows that certain, very inexpensive, tactics are far more effective in creating loyal customers.
Why put a big comfy couch in the corner of the local bookshop?Why provide stacks of board games free of charge at the corner cafĂ©? Why give out complimentary backstage passes after the show? Because by making people feel at home in a commercial space, marketers can turn their own clients into salespeople.

A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research takes a closer look at this new trend in marketing and proves that a sense of homeyness results in a fierce loyalty in customers, who in turn demonstrate an enthusiasm and sense of commitment that goes beyond the norms. These emotionally attached customers pay higher tips, volunteer to help the business and serve as ambassadors -- convincing friends and family that a certain enterprise is particularly worthwhile.

"People start to fee…