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Stupidity Management & the Single Entrepreneur*

The headline stopped me cold:
A Stupidity-based Theory of Organizations
Wow. Two academics, Mats Alvesson of Lund University in Lund, Sweden, and Andre’ Spicer of City University London, published the results of their in-depth research into “Functional Stupidity” offering a theory of. . .
"Ah, ha, the truth is finally out,” I chortle with smug glee.“All those dolts and troglodyte managers I suffered under those 46 miserable years of wage slavery, finally, their hockey-puckedness is exposed for the world to see." Then I read the paper published in the November 2012 issue of the Journal of Management Studies. Oh.Well, now.  On second thought I have to accept the authors’ conclusion that Functional Stupidity may be a bad thing but may also be a good thing, an important concept that leads to predictable functioning and efficiency. So what is Functional Stupidity?
It’s quite straight forward, really.As Alvesson and Spicer point out, the dominant myth in today’s business world is of com…