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The Puppy Love Syndrome

It’s always reassuring when a new bit of research is published that documents something I’ve observed and written or talked about for years.
Case in point:What I call the “Puppy Love” syndrome.
Now the Harvard Business School has published research documenting this in what the authors call the “IKEA Effect”.In short, the researchers had subjects assemble origami projects or assemble kits from IKEA.They documented that most people give their creation a higher grade than even those assembled by professionals.The message is that people tend to fall in love or have higher opinions of things they have worked on themselves, often ignoring obvious flaws in their creation.
This description is from an article I wrote some years ago.
The Puppy Love Syndrome Do you remember the first great love of your life, when you were a teenager and knew everything, and your parents were old fashioned know-nothings?The boy or girl who was the object of your adoration could do no wrong.When I was a teenager, …