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How you talk about your business effects your employee's performance

It's a given: how a business owner treats his or her employees is how the employees treat the customer.

It goes further.  how a business owner talks about his or her business effects how the employee views the business and their job.

What do you say about your business?  Are you upbeat with  positive view of your goals and what you are trying to accomplish?  Does a negative attitude toward your customers and employees color your speech?  Or worse, are you vague and nonspecific about what is in your enterprise for customers and employees.

It's part of the discipline of running a business to keep any negative emotions and opinions to yourself, and to present a positive, confident persona.

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Picture this: How the language of leaders drives performance
The language of leaders has a profound effect on the performance of their employees, new research shows. The research shows that how a company presents its vision and values is deeply entwined with its overall success.