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Businesses that put customers and employees first. . . flourish

Businesses who put customers and employees first flourish
Volumes have been written about successful business, political and historical leaders. Angelo Mastrangelo, adjunct assistant professor of entrepreneurship and leadership at Binghamton University, dives deeper than any other into the characteristics, behaviors, values and attitudes that make great leaders in his new book "Entrepreneurial Leadership."
"The art of generating new business is selfless, and not selfish … good entrepreneurial leaders focus on the needs and wants of the consumer, knowing that by satisfying the consumer first, the company will benefit later," Mastrangelo said. The book offers a practical guide to being the kind of leader that creates a new business, instead of rehashing an old one.

"My model provides the fundamentals of leadership and entrepreneurship. If you're looking for a new business opportunity, ultimately, you need to be looking for a problem that needs to be solved,&q…