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The Seven Steps of Time Management According to Science

Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an outgoing affirmation of life” - Alex Noble, artist & entrepreneur
Like you, I’ve read plenty of articles, posts and books on time management, most based on the personal experiences of the author.  Not to demean what these people teach, I decided to find what scientific research has to say about this too vexing problem.

I found a recent review of current research on time management written by two Ph. D. researchers, Temesgen Belayneh Zerihun, Asst. Professor, Department of Marketing, and S. Murali Krishna, Professor, Department of Management, both of the College of Business and Economics at Mekelle University in Ethiopia.  They reviewed the entirety of scientific literature on time management of the past decades, and distilled all if this into seven simple principles of time management that were common to the reams of research reports they studied.

Their conclusions:
Understand that we cannot do everything in 24 hours. W…