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Small Businesses Rate Friendliest, Unfriendliest States ~

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There are a number of these surveys out annually, this being the second year that the Kauffman Foundation and have surveyed the businesses using Thumbtack for their opinions about the friendliness of the states and cities in which they operate.

Is this a scientific sampling of all small businesses similar to say a presidential poll during an election year?  Not really, though it appears Kauffman and Thumbtack were careful in how they worked with the data and in the conclusions they drew. 

What is interesting is that respondents range from the self-employed, to the owners and operators of small businesses, to a sampling of mid-sized businesses. (See our post, What is a Small Business? for our definitions.)

The small-business friendliest state in the survey?  Utah.

The least small-business friendly?  Rhode Island.

Missing?  There are nine states from which there were not enough responses to perform a comparitive ranking, nor do the rankings include Washington, D.C. or Puerto Rico (where residents are 100% bona fide U.S. citizens, after all).

Still and all,  Utah, Alabama, New Hampshire, Idaho and Texas rated as the top-five friendliest states for small business by entrepreneurs doing business within those states; Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island, California, and Illinois are perceived as lousy places to operate by small business owners operating there.

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 Small Businesses Rate Utah and Alabama Friendliest States, California and Illinois Among Least Friendly
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