Wednesday, April 3, 2013

“Hey Kids, Let's Start A Business”

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“Hey Kids, Let's Start A Business!”

Do you remember watching any of those delightful old Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland flicks from the late thirties, the Andy Hardy series?  They still show up on late night TV.  These movies are the source of this small business flaw, The Andy Hardy, Hey Kids, Let's Start A Business, Conceit.

In every Andy Hardy movie, either Mickey Rooney would look at Judy Garland and say, "Hey, kids, let's put on a show!"  Or, the screenwriter would creatively have Judy Garland say to Mickey Rooney, "Hey, kids, let's. . ." well, you get the idea. 

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In the movies, in this case the movie, the 1940 Babes on Broadway, it always works out. There is a barn for a theater, bales of hay for a stage and a trunk full of old clothes for costumes. All the neighborhood kids are trained musicians and dancers, and Mickey and Judy knew how on a polished, professional presentation that would make Busby Burkeley proud in less than ninety minutes.  Here's a sample featuring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland from Babes on Broadway.  Notice the barn with a home made sign contrasting the spotless, impeccable costumes.

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The Andy Hardy Conceit is exactly what it sounds like.  Two or three people get together, usually in a favorite watering hole over a few of their favorite libations, and suddenly, viola, they're in business, investing time and money they may or may not have, filled with dreams of riches and glory and no clear idea how to get there.

While I firmly believe anyone can start a business and succeed in that business, you don’t throw one together on a whim.  Starting a business takes what you could call malice aforethought, which is why they’re so rewarding for those who make it.  Take your time, do your homework, and think things through.

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